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8 August 2023

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Since 31 July 2023, some criteria have changed for applying for citizenship by naturalisation

  • You can now apply for your child after they have completed 3 years of residence in Ireland 
  • You can now leave Ireland for up to 70 days (in total) per year and still be considered resident in that year 
  • An additional period of up to 30 days may be allowed if you left Ireland due to exceptional circumstances, for example, health reasons, family circumstances, employment or study 
  • If you are applying for your child who is over 14, they must demonstrate ‘good character’

Read more about your entitlement to Irish citizenship

If you successfully applied for the International Protection Student Scheme in 2022 and are still an International Protection applicant, SUSI will email you a renewal form. You should apply before 30 November 2023.  If you got your status during the last year, you no longer qualify for the International Protection Student Scheme, but you may qualify for the Student Grant Scheme

Since, 1 July 2023, if you are living on a qualifying off-shore island, you can get up to €84,000 to renovate a derelict building or up to €60,000 for a vacant property under the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant.  

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