What is a dietician?

A dietician is a health professional who is qualified to give information on all aspects of nutrition, diet and other areas to help you stay healthy and manage illness.

You can visit a dietitian in a hospital (as an in-patient or outpatient) or in the community (at a clinic or in a care centre).

What happens at an appointment with a dietician?

Your dietician will try to find out if your diet and lifestyle are causing or contributing to the health issue you are experiencing. Your dietician may:

  • Take measurements like your height, weight and, sometimes, your waist
  • Ask you about your usual diet, lifestyle, medical history, experiences and feelings about food and weight issues
  • Help you to plan changes and set goals to improve your diet and overall health.

A dietician can help with many different health issues, for example, anaemia, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, an eating disorder, swallowing problems, weight issues (overweight or underweight) and constipation.

How to apply for dietician services

You can be referred to a dietician by a doctor, nurse or other health professional. You may also be able to refer yourself directly to a dietician.

Contact your Local Health Office or health centre for more information and to check if there is a dietician service available in your area

How to find a dietician

You can check the CORU register to find a registered dietitian in your area.

The Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute is the professional organisation for dietitians in Ireland. It provides a facility to 'Find a Dietitian' on its website.

How much does a dietician cost?

If you are referred, you may be able to get dietetic services for free through the public health service. Depending on your local area, there may be waiting lists and limited availability of a dietician.

If you go to a dietician as a private patient, you will be charged for the service. You may be able to get some money back if you have private health insurance and claim tax relief for medical expenses.

More information

Dietitians are regulated and registered by CORU Health and Social Care Professionals Council.

The HSE website has information on Dietitian support for children with a disability.

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