The Electoral Commission

What is the Electoral Commission?

The Electoral Commission is a new state body that will oversee elections in Ireland. It will have important functions regarding political advertising, and will also replace the Referendum Commission and manage the Register of Political Parties.

The Electoral Commission has not been established yet. The Electoral Reform Act 2022 has been signed into law, and this Act governs the make-up and functions of the Commission. The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage will decide when the Electoral Commission will be formally established.

Functions of the Electoral Commission

The functions of the Electoral Commission are set out in the Electoral Reform Act 2022, and include the following:

  • Inform the public about referendums
  • Review constituencies and constituency boundaries for general, European and local elections
  • Inform the public about how to vote and to encourage people to vote in referendums and elections
  • Maintain the Register of Political Parties
  • Oversee the management of Registers of Electors by local authorities
  • Regulate online political advertising

More information on how the Electoral Commission will operate will be available when the Commission is established.

Further information

More information on the Electoral Commission will be available when it is established.

Page edited: 3 November 2022