Who is eligible to vote? This page describes the nationality rules for the different types of elections and referendums that take place in Ireland.

    In order to vote in an election or referendum in Ireland, you must be registered to vote. Find out how to register and how to update your details.

    Procedures to help people with disabilities to exercise their voting rights.

    Proportional representation is the system of voting used in all elections in Ireland. From quotas to recounts, this document explains how it all works.

    Outlines the procedures for voting in a European election in Ireland. Describes who can vote, how a person can vote, the organisation of the elections, how the votes are counted, how the results are announced and more.

    Find out about what you need to do on the day of a general election and how to vote.

    Who can vote in a referendum in Ireland, where do you cast your vote and how do you cast your vote?

    The Electoral Commission is a new state body that will oversee elections and referendums in Ireland.