Claiming an extra half-rate social welfare payment


It is generally only possible to claim one personal social assistance or social insurance payment at a time in Ireland. However, in some circumstances, you can keep your personal payment and get half of another social welfare payment.

If you are getting certain social welfare payments and you are providing full-time care and attention to another person, you can keep your main social welfare payment and get half-rate Carer’s Allowance as well. More information can be found in our document about qualifying for half-rate Carer's Allowance.

Blind Pension can be paid with certain other social welfare payments provided you meet the conditions for both payments.

You can get a half-rate Maternity, Paternity, Adoptive, Parent's or Health and Safety Benefit payment if you are claiming one of the following social welfare payments:

In addition, you must satisfy the social insurance contribution and other conditions for Maternity Benefit, Paternity Benefit, Adoptive Benefit, Parent's Benefit, or Health and Safety Benefit. If you meet these conditions you will get half the personal rate of payment, with no additional increases for children.


Weekly half-rate payment rates 2024

Social insurance payment


Maternity Benefit (standard rate €274)


Paternity Benefit (standard rate €274)


Adoptive Benefit (standard rate €274)


Health and Safety Benefit (maximum rate €232)


If you are working and on a reduced social welfare payment, you may get more than half-rate Maternity, Paternity, Adoptive or Health and Safety Benefit when you stop working.

How to apply

To claim half of an additional social welfare payment, you apply in the normal way. You should fill out the correct payment application form and return it to the Department of Social Protection. The return address is printed on the application form.

Page edited: 15 February 2024