Claiming a social welfare payment

    Explains how to claim a social welfare payment and where you can get help to fill in the application form.

    The MyWelfare website allows you to apply online for social welfare payments and other services. You need a MyGovID account to access online welfare services.

    You can get an increase in your social welfare payment for a child dependant. This page explains when you can claim an Increase for a Qualified Child (IQC).

    You can get an increase in your social welfare payment for your adult dependant. This document explains who qualifies as an adult dependant.

    You must claim a social welfare payment within the time limits set by the Department. This document explains the time limits for social welfare payments and when you may have a payment back-dated to the time you became entitled to it.

    Social welfare payments may or may not be deemed taxable in Ireland. Information about which social welfare payments are taxable and how they are taxed.

    A change in your circumstances can affect your entitlement to a social welfare payment. This document gives some examples of the changes that can affect your social welfare payment.

    It is generally only possible to claim one social welfare assistance or insurance based payment at a time. However, in certain circumstances you may qualify for your social welfare payment and half of another payment. Find out more.

    The Department of Social Protection recoups overpayments of social welfare benefits and entitlements. Find out how overpayments are collected

    The Household Budget Scheme aims to help people getting certain social welfare payments to spread the cost of household bills throughout the year. Find out if you qualify and how to apply.

    Outlines the social welfare payments that will continue to be paid if you go abroad. It also lists the payments that will not be paid if you go abroad.

    Find out how social welfare payments are paid.

    Combining social insurance contributions paid in Ireland and abroad can help you qualify for a social welfare payment. Find out more.