Moving to Ireland and your social security entitlements

Social security in Ireland

The social security system in Ireland may provide you with a benefit or payment, for example, if you are sick, unemployed, have children or retire.

There can be some differences between the system in Ireland and your home country. If you are thinking of coming to Ireland to live, work, study or retire, it is important for you to be aware of the social security system in Ireland.

Your pension and moving to Ireland

EU Regulations and Bilateral Social Security Agreements

If you have come from a country covered by EU Regulations or a Bilateral Social Security Agreement, your pension rights from the other country are protected when you move to Ireland.

Applying for a UK or EU pension

If you are living in Ireland, but you have never worked in Ireland you can apply for your social security pension in Ireland or to the country where you last worked and paid social insurance.

If you are applying in Ireland you must complete the application form EUP 65 (pdf) and send it with the relevant documents such as birth and marriage certificates to the State Pension Contributory Section of the Department of Social Protection. Your application will be then sent to the International Pension Centre in the UK or to the appropriate EU/EEA authority.

If you are coming from a country covered by EU Regulations, you should bring form U1 with you. This form are available at the relevant social security agency in the country you are coming from and provides details of your social insurance record.

When you come to Ireland, you will need a Personal Public Service Number (PPS number). This number is a unique personal identification number that you need to apply for State benefits and services in Ireland. You can find out about claiming a Irish social welfare payment.

If you are applying to the UK for your UK State pension and you have not been sent an application form, you should contact the International Pension Centre.

Transferring benefits between countries

Transferring EU benefits

If you are coming to Ireland and you a getting a social security benefit from a country covered by EU Regulations, you should check with the authority paying the benefit if you can continue to get it when living in Ireland.

Transferring UK benefits

Many UK benefits, including national insurance pensions, can continue to be paid to you by the UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) if you move from the UK to Ireland. You should always ask, before you move, if you can transfer your existing UK benefits outside the UK. Contact the DWP's International Pension Centre for more information.

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