Prisons and Places of Detention


There are 13 prisons and places of detention in Ireland.

Ten are closed institutions with both internal and perimeter security. Two are open centres with minimal internal and perimeter security. There is one semi-open prison with traditional perimeter security and minimal internal security.

Remand prisons

You will be held at a remand prison if you have not yet had your trial and have not been released on bail.

Details of the prisons and places of detention

The Irish Prison Service website provides detailed information on prisons and places of detention. Follow the links below.

Closed prison - high security

Portlaoise Prison

Closed prisons - medium security

Mountjoy Prison

Dochas Centre - Mountjoy Female Prison

Arbour Hill Prison

Castlerea Prison

Cork Prison

Limerick Prison

Midlands Prison

Closed places of detention - medium security

Wheatfield Place of Detention

Closed remand prison - medium security

Cloverhill Prison

Semi-open prison - low security

The Training Unit

Open prisons - low security

Loughan House

Shelton Abbey

Page edited: 25 April 2017