The asylum process in Ireland

Overview Document This document describes the process for seeking international protection in Ireland and services for refugees in Ireland.

Coming to Ireland from Ukraine
Information for people who have come to Ireland because of the war in Ukraine.

International protection terms explained
This document explains some of the terms used in the international protection process: asylum seekers, Convention and Programme refugees, subsidiary protection and permission to remain.

Applying for international protection in Ireland
Rules and processes involved in applying for international protection in Ireland.

Temporary Protection Directive
Temporary protection is available for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. This page has information about the EU law on temporary protection.

Rights and duties of asylum seekers in Ireland
People applying for international protection in Ireland have certain legal rights. They also have important duties. Find out about these rights and obligations.

How your international protection application is assessed
An outline of how applications for international protection in Ireland are assessed and examined.

International protection and the powers of the Minister for Justice
This document describes the role of the Minister for Justice in the granting of international protection, and describes some of the powers that the Minister has.

International protection decisions and appeals
This page describes the appeals process in the event that you do not get a declaration as a refugee.

Withdrawing from the international protection process
This page has information abou withdrawing your international protection application or appeal, and applications and appeals that can be deemed to have been withdrawn.

Eurodac system
The Eurodac system was established by the European Union for the comparison of fingerprints of asylum applicants and illegal immigrants.

EU Dublin Regulation
The EU Dublin Regulation provides a mechanism for determining which country is responsible for examining an application for international protection.