Neighbour disputes

Boundary disputes between neighbours
The general rule is that any boundaries between your land and your neighbour’s land are jointly owned by both you and your neighbour. But you may be able to prove that you own a boundary structure outright.

Noise pollution
The rules as regards the control of noise, the various bodies responsible and how to complain about excessive noise
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Dog licences and ownership
Rules on the ownership and control of dogs. Includes licensing, microchipping and restrictions for certain breeds.
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Horse identification and control
All horses, ponies and donkeys must have passports and must be registered and microchipped. Also, in specified local authority control areas, you need a licence to keep a horse.
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Burning household waste
Burning household waste at home or in your garden is illegal. If convicted of illegally burning waste, you can incur a fine or a prison sentence.
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Anti-social behaviour by adults
The Criminal Justice Act 2006 has provisions dealing with anti-social behaviour by adults. These provisions allow gardaí to deal with anti-social behaviour through a civil process using behaviour warnings and orders or ASBOs.
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Anti-social behaviour by children
The Criminal Justice Act 2006 introduced provisions for dealing with anti-social behaviour by children. These provisions allow the Gardaí to deal with anti-social behaviour in a number of ways.
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Anti-social behaviour in social housing
Local authorities can evict tenants who are engaging in anti-social behaviour.
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Rights of way
A right of way allows you to travel over land that belongs to someone else. This document describes public and private rights of way, as well as how to establish and register a right of way.
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Planning permission
Introduction to the different types of planning permission as well as how and where to apply for planning permission.
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