Children and young offenders

  • The Children Act 2001 regulates the treatment of children found in breach of the criminal law.

  • The Criminal Justice Act 2006 introduced provisions for dealing with anti-social behaviour by children. These provisions allow the GardaĆ­ to deal with anti-social behaviour in a number of ways.

  • The treatment of children in Garda custody is covered by the Children Act 2001.

  • During the court proceedings of a child charged with an offence, the court may order that a family conference be held.

  • The aim of the Garda Youth Diversion Programme is to prevent young offenders in Ireland from entering into the full criminal justice system by offering them a second chance.

  • As an alternative to detention of children, the Children Act 2001 provides for a range of community sanctions that can be imposed by the courts.

  • Overview of institutions where children are detained by the Courts. Factors taken into account regarding their detention by the Courts.

  • The Children Court deals with criminal charges involving children under 18. It came into operation under the Children Act 2001, which sets out the rules for the Children Court.
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