Buying a home

    Overview Document This document looks at what you need to consider before buying a property and the processes involved.

    Stamp duty is paid on the transfer of property

    Each time the ownership of a property changes, a new deed of title is drawn up to record the change. Tailte Eireann is responsible for 2 systems for recording property transactions.

    Brief description of 2 different types of insurance that you can take out in respect of a mortgage.

    As well as mortgage payments, the other costs involved in buying a home can be significant.

    A summary of steps to take when moving house, including transferring utilities, redirecting post and notifying schools.

    Mortgage interest relief ended on 1 January 2021. This page describes how mortgage interest relief worked when it was available.

    The Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA) is responsible for licensing and regulating property services providers in Ireland. This document described their licencing and other functions

    This page explains the property rights of cohabiting couples, for example, in relation to buying a home together, making a cohabitation agreement, applying for local authority housing, and getting legal advice.
    This document is in: Cohabiting couples