Health services for older people

Life Event Document Most older and young chronically sick people can continue to live at home with HSE and family support. Information on issues around moving from home to long stay care, should it become necessary or desirable.
Life Event Document There are a range of payments and services available to support older people who become ill or acquire a disability. Information on income supports, health care, housing, taxation and caring for someone else.

Home Support Service
The Home Support Service helps older people to continue living in their own homes when they need support to do so.

Fair Deal Scheme
People who move into registered nursing homes may receive financial support from the HSE under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme, also known as the Fair Deal scheme.

Regulation of residential care for older people
National quality standards are enforced in both public and private nursing homes by HIQA, the Health Information and Quality Authority. Inspection reports are available from them.

Tax relief on nursing home fees and for dependent relatives
Tax relief is available on fees paid for nursing homes and for dependent relatives. Information on tax credits and how to apply for tax relief.

Boarding out of older people
Some Health Service Executive (HSE) Areas in Ireland operate a scheme where older people are boarded out in private homes. Find out about the rules that apply to these arrangements and how to apply.

Nursing Homes Subvention
This scheme closed to new applicants from 27 October 2009.