Public health agencies


You can get free public health care services from many different organisations in Ireland. Some organisations are involved in delivering health services and others provide advice or regulation.

The Department of Health

The Government, the Minister for Health and the Department of Health are at the head of the health service. The Department's main role is to support the Minister and Ministers of State in the development and implementation of policy for the health services. It also monitors the performance of health services.

Health services are delivered by the Health Service Executive (HSE)

The Health Service Executive (HSE)

Most healthcare is provided within the main structure of the Health Service Executive (HSE). Other agencies which it supports are listed below, as well as websites dealing with specific health issues.

Organisations under the Department of Health

HSE supported agencies and websites

More information

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You can also get of a range of private health care services. You must pay the full cost of treatment if you opt for private health care. Read more about private health insurance companies in Ireland.

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