Health system

    Describes the entitlement to public health services of people resident in Ireland.

    Health and social care professionals are regulated by CORU. There is a process for making complaints about the fitness to practice of registered professionals.

    The Department of Health have responsibility for the planning of health services. Overview of this Government Department.

    Public health services are provided by the Health Service Executive (HSE). Role, responsibilities, function and location of the HSE.

    The Primary Care Reimbursement Service (previously known as the GMS Payments Board), administers payments to doctors, pharmacists, dentists and opticians who provide services under the Primary Care Reimbursement scheme.

    Entitlement to health services if you are visiting Ireland.

    The Health Service Executive (HSE) has responsibility for the delivery of public emergency health services. How the services are organised, who is entitled to access them and how to access out-of-hours help in an emergency.

    The rules about complaints against the HSE and how you complain

    The Patient Advocacy Service provides information and support to make a complaint about a public hospital.

    Introduction to private health insurance and the rules that apply to insurance providers.

    Some of the agencies and bodies that have a role in delivering and regulating health services and promoting health.