Rehabilitative training for people with disabilities

What is rehabilitative training?

The purpose of rehabilitative training is to give people with disabilities an opportunity to train and learn important life skills such as decision-making, planning, social and basic work skills.

Rehabilitative training can help you if you have an intellectual disability, autism, mental health difficulty or complex physical disabilities. It aims to improve your quality of life and promote independence and participation in the community.

Rehabilitative training can also be a stepping stone to more mainstream education or other training options such as the Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme.

Rehabilitative training is not linked to employment.

Who provides rehabilitative training?

HSE Disability Services organise the delivery of rehabilitative training services in accredited training centres that are run by the HSE or by service providers contracted by the HSE.

The HSE Occupational Guidance Service can help you find a training course that is suited to your needs. They will meet you and your family or advocate and look at your options. The type of training and support may differ from centre to centre.

Contact your local HSE Disability Office or service provider for specific information on the programmes they run and to check if you are eligible to attend.

In some cases, the local disability service provider may organise transport and travel to and from your rehabilitative training service.

What will I learn in rehabilitative training?

Rehabilitative training courses vary in length, with some taking 2 to 4 years to complete. The course will include individualised programme skills such as learning how to:

  • Make choices and plans
  • Make transitions and progress
  • Access education and formal learning
  • Maximise your personal independence
  • Look after your health and wellbeing
  • Access bridging programmes to vocational training
  • Access vocational training and work opportunities

You will be supported to develop and review your training plan during your training in line with your needs and abilities.

Will I get paid for doing rehabilitative training?

No, but you can continue to receive your social welfare payments while training. You may also be eligible for the Rehabilitative Training Bonus (see below).

Check if you are eligible for weekly Disability Allowance or other social welfare payments for people living with a disability.

Rehabilitative Training Bonus

If you are a trainee in foundation training or in a sheltered workshop you will continue to get any social welfare payments you are entitled to, such as Disability Allowance.

If you started rehabilitative training before 1 September 2019, you will get a training bonus of €31.80 a week until you finish your placement. You cannot get the Rehabilitative Training Bonus if you started rehabilitative training after 1 September 2019.

If you are in training for less than 5 days a week, this will be paid on a pro-rata basis. For example, if you attend 2 days per week, you will get 2/5 of the allowance.

How to apply for rehabilitative training

You should contact Disability Services in your Local Health Office for more information on rehabilitative training in your area. They will put you in touch with an advisor from the HSE Occupational Guidance service.

If you are a school leaver it is important to plan in advance and contact the HSE at least 13 months before you leave school.

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