Workplace Equipment Adaptation Grant


The Workplace Equipment Adaptation Grant (WEAG) is designed to support people with disabilities who work in the private sector.

Employers and self-employed people can apply for the grant to help with the cost of adapting the workplace or making it more accessible for employees with disabilities.

The grant is provided by the Department of Social Protection.

Who can apply?

You or your employer can apply for this grant if you:

  • Have been offered a job or apprenticeship in the private sector
  • Are currently employed in the private sector and recently changed jobs because you have been re-deployed or promoted
  • Are currently employed in the private sector and acquired a disability while working, or your condition has worsened
  • Are about to become self-employed and need adaptations to your workplace or equipment

Who cannot get the grant?

Public sector employers and employees cannot get this grant. Public sector employers include government departments, State agencies, the Health Service Executive and local authorities. Public sector employers are responsible for providing assistive technology, adaptive equipment and facilities, aids and appliances for their staff at their own expense.

What can you use the grant for?

You or your employer can use the grant for a variety of adaptations and equipment, including:

  • Minor building modifications like ramps or modified toilets
  • Alarm systems with flashing lights
  • Voice synthesizers for computers or amplifiers for phones

The grant can cover:

  • Adapting or buying equipment
  • Upgrading previously funded adapted equipment
  • Training people to use the equipment

How much can you get?

The maximum grant amount is €6,350.

How to apply

If you are already employed or about to start a new job, you or your employer can apply for the grant by following these steps:

  1. Complete Part 1 (pdf) and Part 2 (pdf) of the Reasonable Accommodation Fund application form. You can get these forms from your local Intreo Centre, Social Welfare Branch Office or local EmployAbility service.
  2. Clearly identify the equipment or adaptation that is needed, explaining why it is needed
  3. Submit medical evidence confirming that your disability requires the equipment or adaptations for your job
  4. Provide quotations for the adaptation or equipment. You need one quote for costs under €700, 2 quotes for costs over €700 and 3 quotes for costs over €1,500
  5. Include plans and timescale for any workplace adaptations

Send completed applications to your local Intreo Centre, Social Welfare Branch Office or local EmployAbility service.

A Case Officer from the Department will meet you to review the application. If approved, the grant is paid directly to the applicant to cover the agreed costs.

You can find more detailed information in the WEAG guidelines and contact details on

Page edited: 29 February 2024