Human rights and equality

Overview Document Employment equality legisation makes discrimination illegal in a range of employment and employment-related areas.
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Charter of Fundamental Rights
The civil, political, social and economic rights recognised by the European Union are listed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights.
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Disputes about equality and discrimination
The Workplace Relations Commission deals with all complaints of discrimination in employment and access to goods and services which come under equality legislation.
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Equal pay
Under employment equality legislation you must get equal pay for like work. Find out about your rights and how to make a claim for equal pay.
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Fundamental rights under the Irish Constitution
The Irish Constitution recognises and declares that you have certain fundamental personal rights. These are confirmed and protected by the Constitution.
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Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission
The Commission promotes and protects human rights and equality. In some cases, it can assist you to further human rights issues by assisting with legal proceedings.
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Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty
All public bodies in Ireland have a legal obligation to promote equality, prevent discrimination and protect human rights under the Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty.

The right to protest
People in Ireland have a right to protest peacefully in public places, as long as they do not break the law.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child sets out the basic human rights to which every child is entitled. Ireland ratified the Convention on 28 September 1992. Find out more.
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