Security and emergency services

  • The Defence Forces consist of a Permanent Defence Force and a Reserve Defence Force. Find out more.

  • The Fire Service in Ireland plays an important role in fire prevention, building inspection and providing emergency services.

  • The objective of the Irish Coast Guard is to reduce the loss of life on Ireland’s seas, lakes, rivers, coastal and remote areas.

  • Civil Defence is a volunteer-based organization that supports the front line emergency services.

  • How are major emergencies such as a train crash or flooding dealt with.

  • The Garda Síochána is the national police force. It has responsibility for carrying out all policing duties in the State.
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  • The Health Service Executive (HSE) has responsibility for the delivery of public emergency health services. How the services are organised, who is entitled to access them and how to access out-of-hours help in an emergency.
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