Employment and disability

Life Event Document There are different supports for people with disabilities to help them to find and keep employment.

Job Interview Interpreter Grant
The Job Interview Interpreter Grant Scheme provides funding for people with speech and hearing impairments who want to attend job interviews.

Grants to retain employees with disabilities
The Employment Retention Grant Scheme aims to help employers to retain employees who acquire an illness or impairment that affects their ability to carry out their job.

Disability Awareness Support Scheme
Grant aid can be provided towards the cost of training employees about disability awareness in the workplace.

Workplace Equipment Adaptation Grant
The Workplace Equipment Adaptation Grant is available to employees with disabilities,employers and self-employed people with disabilities who need to make adaptations to their workplace or purchase specialised equipment.

Personal Reader Grants
The Personal Reader grant is made available to blind or visually impaired employees that require some extra assistance with reading printed material at work.

Wage Subsidy Scheme for people with disabilities
The Wage Subsidy Scheme (WSS) offers financial support for employers who employ people with disabilities.

Supported employment for people with disabilities
The EmployAbility Service is a scheme aimed at assisting people with disabilities to take up paid employment.