The State Examinations Commission


The State Examinations Commission (SEC) oversees the State examinations at second level in Ireland. These examinations are the Junior Cycle (previously Junior Certificate) and the Leaving Certificate. It also organises certain trade and professional examinations.

Since 2003, the Commission is responsible for the development, assessment, accreditation and certification of the State certificate examinations. It works in partnership with school authorities and education providers to run the examination and assessment system in a fair, accountable and accessible way.

SEC responsibilities

The State Examinations Commission (SEC) is responsible for the operation of all aspects of the established Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme, Leaving Certificate Applied and Junior Cycle examinations including written, oral, aural and practical components and assessed course work in some subjects. This includes preparing examination papers and other examination material. The Commission is also responsible for deciding how State examinations are conducted and choosing suitable venues where they can be held. It has an archive of past examination papers available on its website.

The Commission determines the procedures for the conduct and supervision of examinations and arranges to have the examinations marked. This includes the recruitment of contract staff to supervise the examinations and to draft and mark examination components. It is responsible for charging and collecting fees for examinations.

Examination results

The Commission is responsible for issuing the results of all State examinations. It also decides the procedures which allow for the review and appeal of examinations at the request of candidates. You have the right to appeal the results of a state examination to the State Examinations Commission. The Commission holds records of all State examination results and you can apply to it for a certified copy of your results – see 'How to apply' below.

Online services

The Commission operates a service where candidates can get their examination results by telephone or over the internet using a Personal Identification Number (PIN). These services are not intended to replace the service and advice provided by schools but are intended as an alternative service for candidates who cannot avail of the results service offered by their schools.


Statement of results: there is a charge of €14.50 for each certified copy of results.

How to apply

You can apply for a certified copy of your results by downloading an application form (pdf) from the State Examinations Commission website or by writing to the Commission.

Where to apply

State Examinations Commission


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