Leaving Certificate examination fees


Students who are taking or repeating the Leaving Certificate pay examination fees to sit the exams. If you or your parent(s) or guardian(s) hold a medical card, you are exempt from fees.

There will be no fee for the Leaving Certificate exam in 2024.

How to pay exam fees

If you are taking the Leaving Certificate in a school setting, your school will give you a form. You make the payment through a bank and the bank must stamp the form. You then return the form to the school.

If you, your parent(s) or guardian(s) hold a current medical card you do not have to pay the fee. Put the details of the medical card on the fee payment form and return the form to the school.

External students

If you are an external student (that is, you are sitting your examinations outside of a school setting), you can either apply and pay online or get a form from the Entries section of the State Examinations Commission (see 'Where to apply') and pay through a bank.

Exam fees

Where to apply

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