When you buy something in a shop you have strong consumer rights if things go wrong. However, there are some restrictions. Find out about your rights when shopping.

Shopping online
When you shop online from a seller based in Ireland or elsewhere in the EU,you have strong protections under consumer law. Find out more about your rights when shopping online.

Buying a service
Find out about your rights when you hire someone to perform a service and what you can do if you are not happy with the work done.

Gift vouchers
Find out about your rights when you buy a gift voucher.

Repairs, replacements and refunds
If something you buy turns out to be faulty you may be entitled to a repair, replacement, or refund. This document explains what your rights are.

Credit notes
Find out about your rights and rules around credit notes.

Shipping and delivery
This document explains your rights and some of the most common consumer problems with late or non-delivery, items damaged or lost and additional costs.

A deposit is a sum of money paid to a retailer or supplier of services to indicate that you intend to buy a product or service. Find out more about deposits and your rights.

Tickets and events
Find out about your rights when you buy tickets for events such as concerts or matches including when an event is postponed or cancelled.

Guarantees and warranties
A commercial guarantee or warranty can provide you with additional protection if something goes wrong with a product. A warranty or guarantee does not replace your statutory rights.

Retailers and other business must follow strict rules on the way prices should be displayed. Find out more about pricing rules and your rights.

Consumers in Ireland and the EU are protected from false or misleading advertising. Find out what the rules are covering advertising and who monitors and enforces those rules.
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Product labelling
There are specific standards in the EU and Ireland on the information that product labels must show. Find out the rules that apply to manufacturers and how your rights are protected.
This document is in: Consumer laws

Product safety
There are rules in the EU and Ireland to ensure products are safe to use. This document explains product bans, mandatory safety standards and product recalls.
This document is in: Consumer laws

Company gone out of business
Find out about how to check whether a company has gone out of business and whether you can claim money owed to you.
This document is in: Common consumer problems

Buying online from the UK after Brexit
Find out about changes to your consumer rights when buying online from the UK after Brexit.