Phone, internet, TV and postal services

    Eircode is the national postcode system introduced in 2015. All residential and business addresses have a unique Eircode.

    There are many internet service providers and contracts to choose from. Find out more about internet contracts and your rights.

    Find out what your rights are around direct marketing and how to stop junk mail, spam and unwanted calls or texts.

    There are lots of home and mobile phone providers and different types of contracts on the market. Find out about phone contracts and your rights.

    Postal services are regulated by ComReg and provided by a number of operators including An Post which is the designated universal service provider.

    Premium rate phone and text services in Ireland are regulated. Find out how your rights are protected when using premium rate services.

    The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) regulates the electronic communications sector in Ireland. Find out more about how it protects consumers, promotes competition and encourages innovation.

    Find out if you need a TV licence, how to buy or renew your licence and what happens if you don't pay your TV licence.

    Find out how to complain to a telecommunications service provider or ComReg about phone, internet or TV.
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