Complain about a taxi, hackney or limousine


Taxis, hackneys and limousines are types of ‘small public service vehicles’ or SPSVs. Drivers of SPSVs must have a licence to carry passengers and the car they are using must be licenced too.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is the regulator of SPSVs and it has a complaints process you can use if you have a bad experience with a licenced taxi, limousine or hackney service.

Who to complain to

If you booked the service through a dispatch operator, complain first to the dispatch operator – see below.

If your complaint involves a criminal offence, contact your local Garda Station.

If you want to complain because your driver was smoking, you should contact the National Tobacco Control Office, HSE 1890 333 100. Environmental Health Officers of the HSE enforce most of the tobacco control legislation.

Complain to the dispatch operator

/'If you booked through a dispatch operator (including taxi booking apps), you should complain to the operator first. In some situations, discussing the problem with the manager or a senior staff member at the company can resolve your complaint.

If you prefer to make a more formal complaint, or you are not happy with the response to your informal complaint, you can put your complaint in writing to the dispatch operator.

If this does not resolve your complaint, you can make a complaint to the National Transport Authority.

Complain to the National Transport Authority

What you can complain about

You can complain to the NTA about:

  • The condition, roadworthiness and cleanliness of the vehicle
  • The conduct of a driver
  • Overcharging or other issues relating to fares charged by a driver
  • Problems with your taxi, hackney or limousine booking
  • The identification on display by the driver and the signage used by the car (for taxis)

The type of complaints that may be made to the National Transport Authority is set out in section 64 of the Taxi Regulation Act 2013.

How to complain

You can make your complaint online. The NTA also has an information line on 0818 064 000.

Remember to give all relevant details about the incident and include a copy of your receipt (if you got one).

Give as much information about the driver and the vehicle you are complaining about. The NTA will need it to identify the driver and investigate your complaint.

How your complaint is dealt with

Your complaint will be investigated by the NTA’s enforcement team. If there is a dispute, the investigators will examine the evidence provided by all parties.

Once this evidence has been collected and evaluated, the NTA will issue its decision.

The NTA could decide to:

  • Take no more action
  • Give advice to the operator
  • Issue a formal warning
  • Escalate the complaint for prosecution in court

You may have to attend court to give evidence regarding the incident. You cannot make a complaint anonymously.

Contact the NTA

You can get advice and information on how to make a complaint about a taxi, hackney or limousine operator from the NTA's information line at 0818 064 000.

You can read more about the rules on how SPSVs are licensed in Taxis, hackneys and limousines (SPSVs).

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