Before your baby is born

Life Event Document Are you or is someone you know about to become a parent? A guide to State services in Ireland and overview of some of the issues that will concern you, whatever your situation.

Fertility treatments and assisted human reproduction in Ireland
Treatments for fertility problems can help improve your chances of becoming pregnant. What treatments are available and what is donor-assisted human reproduction.

Choices in antenatal care
Outlining the choices in antenatal care, combined, private, semi-private and public.

Maternity and infant care services
The public health service provides free maternity services for all expectant mothers for the period of the pregnancy and for 6 weeks after the birth.
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Different types of maternity services in Ireland
An outline of more flexible maternity services offered by maternity hospitals.

Home birth
How to arrange a home birth in Ireland.

Antenatal visits
During pregnancy, mother and baby's health is monitored at antenatal appointments. Description of what happens, the booking visit and subsequent visits.

Antenatal classes
Antenatal classes can help you to prepare for the birth of your baby. Find out more.

Maternity Benefit
Maternity Benefit is a payment by the Department of Social Protection to women on maternity leave from work. Find out more about Maternity Benefit and how to apply.
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Maternity leave
All female employees are entitled to maternity leave from work immediately before and after the birth of their child.
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Health and Safety Benefit
A summary of Health and Safety Benefit for pregnant/breastfeeding women.
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Health and safety at work
Employers' responsibilities to employees regarding health and safety measures in the workplace.
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