Family and Relationships

Life Event Document The Gender Recognition Act 2015 provides for the legal recognition of a person's preferred gender by the State.
Overview Document The breakdown of a marriage or other relationship is a difficult and traumatic process. This page outlines the issues that may arise.

Family law during COVID-19
During COVID-19, many people have questions about family law issues such as access and maintenance. The risk of domestic abuse is also on the increase. This document gives information on family law issues and where to go for help.

Grandparents and grandchildren – your rights explained
This page explains grandparents’ rights in relation to their grandchildren, including how to apply for access or custody, as well as becoming a guardian.

Getting a birth, marriage or death certificate in Ireland
This document describes how to get a birth, adoption, marriage, civil partnership or death certificate in Ireland.

EU and family law
The role of the EU in family law is mainly concerned with ensuring that decisions made in one country can be implemented in another. It also has a role in trying to establish which country has jurisdiction to hear a particular case.