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Go for Life

Go for Life is the national programme for sport and physical activity for older people. The aim of Go for Life is to involve greater numbers of older adults in all aspects of sport and physical activity. It is run by Age & Opportunity in partnership with the Health Promotion and Improvement Offices of the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Local Sports Partnerships.

The Go for Life programme has 4 different elements:

  • Leadership Programme
  • Targeted initiatives
  • National Grant Scheme
  • Physical Activity Awareness Programme

Leadership Programme

The Leadership Programme aims to promote greater participation by independent older people in all aspects of health-enhancing physical activity and recreational sports. Go for Life tutors are available to train local physical activity leaders (PAL) in physical activity with older people. PALs tend to be members of community groups, such as active retirement associations or day centre workers. Around the country, there are over 1,200 active PALs.

Targeted initiatives

The targeted initiatives promote greater participation by dependent or disadvantaged older people.

National Grant Scheme

The National Grant Scheme for Sport and Physical Activity for Older People is a government initiative aimed at encouraging older members of the community to participate in sport and physical activity.

The scheme is aimed at:

  • Helping clubs and organisations to enhance existing opportunities for their members in recreational sport and activities
  • Helping clubs and organisations to progress new initiatives geared at involving older people in recreational sport and activities

Applications for funding under the National Grant Scheme are usually invited from local clubs and organisations wishing to implement initiatives, through advertisements in the press and media.

Physical Activity Awareness Programme

The Physical Activity Awareness Programme aims to increase older people’s awareness of the benefits of an active lifestyle and of the wide range of opportunities for involvement in active living and recreational sport.

Go for Life FitLine

Go for Life FitLine is a telephone-based service that encourages you to get more active.

Where to apply

Go for Life

Marino Institute of Education
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Tel: +353 (0)1 805 7733

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