Roads and safety

National speed limits in Ireland
There are five different types of speed limits on roads. Find out about the different limits, where they apply and penalties for speeding offences.

Seat belts and the law
There is a legal obligation in Ireland to be restrained when motoring and this applies to drivers and passengers. Overview of the law currently in place regarding the wearing of seatbelts and child restraints in motor vehicles.

Safety advice for motorists
Basic precautions and advice motorists can take to ensure that they travel safely.

Safety advice for motorcyclists
If you drive a motorcycle, being aware of the various dangers on the road, your own driving style and your obligations as a road user will help to ensure that you travel safely. Find out more in our document.

School Traffic Wardens
School traffic wardens are employed to help primary school children cross public roads safely. Find out about their duties and your obligations as a road user.

Toll roads
There are a number of national roads that impose a toll (levy or charge) on each vehicle using these roads. Find out about tolls and who is exempt from paying them.