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Luas is a public transport tram system that operates in Dublin, Ireland. The name Luas is the Irish word for speed. This tram system connects suburban parts of Dublin on 2 tramlines running through the city centre. These tramlines are:

  • The Green Line: connecting Bride’s Glen (on the south side of the city) to Broombridge (on the north side)
  • The Red Line: connecting Saggart and Tallaght (on the southwestern side of Dublin) to The Point in Dublin Docklands

View the Luas network map on You can use the Dublin Bus Route Planner to link your Dublin Bus and Dart journeys to the Luas. There is a list of frequently asked questions on

Fares on public transport

The 20% reduction of public transport fares will continue for most services in 2024. The 50% price reduction on Young Adult Leap Card will continue in 2024. You can see the National Transport Authority Fare (NTA) Plan 2024.

From 23 June 2024 there are fare increases on some services.

How Luas works

Operating hours and frequency

Operating hours vary by stop and direction of service. You can view Luas operating hours and Luas frequency on

There are electronic displays telling you the time of the next tram at every Luas stop. In addition, there are electronic displays and announcements informing passengers of the next stop on board every tram.

Special services operate during Christmas, New Year and on other occasions.

Luas services for passengers with disabilities

All Luas trams and stops are wheelchair-accessible and there are designated parking spaces for people with disabilities. Each tram makes audio announcements and has electronic displays so you can tell where you are on your journey. You may bring your guide dog on board Luas trams. You can read more about travelling on public transport with a disability or reduced mobility.


Ticket vending machines are located at every Luas stop. You must have a valid ticket before boarding the tram. You can use your Leap Card, which you can top it up at the vending machines.

Your ticket must be valid in all Luas zones you travel in. If you are using a Leap card, you must validate it at the beginning and end of your journey using the validator on the platform. Read the Leap Card FAQS for more information.

The cost of your ticket will depend on the number of zones your journey covers. You can calculate the cost of your Luas journey in advance using the online fare calculator.

You can see a guide to the different types of Luas tickets and view a summary list of fares (pdf) on If you are an adult, you must carry a Luas or Dublin Bus photo identity card to use certain types of ticket.

The Young Adult and Student Leap Cards allow students to get discounted fares on Iarnród Eireann, Luas and Dublin Bus services. It is only available to full-time students in second-level and third-level education.

The TFI-90 fare allows free transfers between Dublin Bus, Luas, DART, commuter rail, and Go-Ahead Ireland services. The fare applies to most journeys in the Dublin area involving multiple services within 90 minutes or a single trip.

You may travel free on Luas if you have a Free Travel Pass.

If you have a Free Travel Pass, you do not need to get a ticket for Luas. However, you must produce your pass on the tram if requested by a Luas Customer Service Officer or Inspector. Inspectors are entitled to check that the pass is valid. They may look for supporting documentation and check with the Department of Social Protection to ensure the pass is being used by the correct person.

Children under 5 travel free on Luas but must be with a paying passenger. Children aged 5–15 pay the child fare.

Luas is part of the TaxSaver Commuter Scheme. There is more information on tax saver tickets on

Park and ride facilities

Car parking is available at certain Luas stops. You pay for parking before boarding the tram or by using ParkByText. If you do not have a Luas ticket valid for travel on the day you park at a Luas stop, you will have to pay an additional charge when you leave the car park.

More information on park and ride services and facilities is available on

Bicycle parking is available at most Luas stops. The only bicycles permitted on the tram are folding bicycles stored in a carrier bag.

Luas Byelaws and passenger guidelines

Ticket rules and fines

Luas Byelaws regulate the use of Luas.

Passengers must have a valid ticket for their journey. Passengers without a valid ticket will be issued with a Standard Fare Notice (SFN) and charged a standard fare of €45. You must pay within 14 days. The fine amount increases to €100 if it is not paid within 28 days. (see Byelaws). If you fail to pay this standard fare, you may be prosecuted.

The payment process for Standard Fare

You can pay the Standard Fare on You need a standard fare number and a reference number.

How can I appeal a Standard Fare Notice?

If you want to appeal a Standard Fare Notice, you can submit a statement of explanation on the Luas website. You must do this within 14 days of the date you received the notice.

Boarding etiquette

When boarding the tram, you should wait for people to get off before you get on. Wait until the tram has left the stop before crossing the tracks. Cross at the designated crossing points and always look both ways for approaching trams.

Priority seating

Seats that are reserved for older people, pregnant women and passengers with special needs should be made available to them.

Prohibited activities

You are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke on a Luas. Animals are not allowed on board except for guide dogs.

Report anti-social behaviour on the Luas

You can report anti-social behaviour on the Luas in the following ways:

  • Luas Text SMS Service - text “LUAS”, along with your report of anti-social behaviour, to 51444. You will have to pay standard rates for any text you send
  • Luas App for free by using the “Report” button
  • Luas WhatsApp messaging service for free - add 087 055 5715 to your contacts

Contact information

If you have questions or feedback or want to complain, you can contact the Luas customer services team by email, phone, or post.


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