Life events

Life events are situations that occur which result in a series of transactions between an individual and various public sector organisations in Ireland, for example having a baby or getting married.

These documents provide a short guide to all the information you may need, to help guide you through these events.

  • Illness in your retirement
    Payments and services available to support older people who become ill or acquire a disability. Information on income supports, health care, housing, taxation and caring for someone else.
  • Moving from home to long-term care
    Most older and young chronically sick people can continue to live at home with HSE and family support. Information on issues around moving from home to long stay care, should it become necessary or desirable.
  • Income supports for older people
    Find out about the range of payments available, and link to a broader checklist of entitlements for older people.
  • Learn new skills or retrain
    If you are unemployed there are different education and training opportunities and courses specifically for unemployed people.
  • Working with a disability
    There are different supports for people with disabilities to help them to find and keep employment.
  • Losing your job
    If you lose your job you need to find out about the different payments and services for unemployed people.
  • Retiring from work
    What you should know about retiring from work.
  • Moving abroad from Ireland
    Helpful information to consider when moving away from Ireland.
  • Before you come to Ireland
    You need to know if you entitled to live, work or study in Ireland.
  • Starting school
    Find out what is involved when starting school at primary level.
  • Starting post-primary school
    Describes post-primary education, including how to choose a post-primary school and enrol your child.
  • Leaving school
    An overview of some options for school-leavers.
  • Returning to education
    Thinking of returning to education? Here we look at the options and supports for adults at the start of their return to education.
  • Going to college
    If you are thinking of going to college this document outlines what is involved and where you can find the information you need.
  • When someone dies
    If you have recently lost someone close to you or know someone who has recently been bereaved, this will guide you through the immediate things that you must do following a death.
  • Becoming a parent
    Becoming a parent is a major life event. Find out where you can get information on the supports and services available.
  • Legal recognition of your preferred gender
    The Gender Recognition Act 2015 provides for the legal recognition of a person's preferred gender by the State.