Employment permits and the right to work

Types of employment permits
Under the Employment Permits (Amendment) Act 2014 there are 8 types of employment permit. Find out more about the different types of permit.

General Employment Permit
Find out about General Employment Permits, who may apply and when a person with an employment permit may change jobs.

Critical Skills Employment Permit
The Critical Skills Employment Permit is for skilled workers who are qualified in professions where there is a shortage of skills in Ireland.

Employment permits and family members
Information about which emloyment permit holders are allowed to bring their family to Ireland, and how those family members can apply to live and work.

Reactivation Employment Permit
Non-EEA nationals who held a valid employment permit but who fell out of the system through no fault of their own, or have been badly treated or exploited in the workplace may be eligible for a Reactivation Employment Permit that will allow them to work again.

Atypical Working Scheme
Under the Atypical Working Scheme non-EEA nationals may do certain short-term contract work which is not covered by the Employment Permits Acts.

Working Holiday Visas in Ireland
Ireland has working holiday agreements with a number of different countries.