Prison system

Prison system in Ireland
This document provides practical information about the structure and operation of the prison system in Ireland.

Admission, placement and transfer in prisons
This document describes admission, placement and transfer from prisons.

Prisoners' rights
The main source of prisoners' rights is the Prison Rules 2007. Find out more.

Prison conditions
There are rules in place governing the conditions in prisons. Find out about diet and recreation entitlements as well as medical services and vocational training opportunities.

Prison Medical Services
Prison medical services consist of medical, dental, psychiatric and psychological care.

Prison Education Services
More than half of all prisoners participate in education. Find out about services and options available in the prison system.

Sex offenders treatment programmes
A new sex offender management policy was introduced in 2009 for sex offenders in Irish prisons. Arbour Hill was designated as a national centre and there are two satellite centres. Find out more.

Being released from prison
Find out about remission, temporary release and parole, as well as the systems in place to aid the resettlement of prisoners into the community.

Parole Board of Ireland
The Parole Board of Ireland reviews the cases of prisoners in Ireland who have been sentenced to fixed-term sentences of 8 years or more.

Visiting someone in prison
You can visit a family member or friend in prison. Find out more.

Supports for families of prisoners
There are a small number of organisations that provide information or support to families affected by imprisonment.

Irish prisoners overseas
Irish prisoners overseas face significant difficulties and in some jurisdictions prison conditions and safety can be a major cause of concern.