Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC)

What is FLAC?

Free Legal Advice Centre (FLAC) is an organisation that offers free basic legal advice.


  • Provides free basic advice and information to help people to understand and access their rights
  • Promote equal access to justice through advocacy campaigns
  • Conducts public interest research in areas of law to promote equality

FLAC does not:

  • Offer legal representation or help you find legal representation
  • Provide legal aid

The Law Society has information on how to find a solicitor.

The Legal Aid Board is the independent statutory body responsible for the provision of civil legal aid and advice, family mediation and vulnerable witness-related services.

How can I get free legal information from FLAC?

You can get free basic legal information from the FLAC phone line on (01) 906 1010.

In some cases, FLAC may refer you to another voluntary body or state service.

FLAC cannot give you legal information or advice via email or post.

You can also check guides with legal information on the FLAC website.

FLAC phone advice appointments

FLAC also provide a small number of free legal advice phone appointments with volunteer lawyers.

These appointments are limited and not available by request. You can be referred for a FLAC phone advice appointment by a Citizens Information Centre (CIC) or another FLAC partner.

An information officer in the CIC or another FLAC partner organisation will discuss your query with you before referral.

The appointment is a free, confidential 15-20 minute phone call that can provide:

  • First stop assistance
  • Basic legal information
  • Advice, such as the next steps you need to take
  • A referral to another appropriate service

You cannot get a FLAC phone advice appointment if you:

  • Need ongoing legal advice and/or representation
  • Have complex legal queries
  • Already have a lawyer acting on your behalf
  • Are looking for a second opinion on legal advice you already received
  • Can afford to pay for legal advice or get legal advice from your union
  • Are an employer

Face-to-face FLAC advice clinics are no longer available in Citizens Information Centres.

You can learn more about these appointments on the FLAC website.

Can I volunteer to work at FLAC?

FLAC posts volunteer opportunities on their website as they arise. Sometimes it's necessary to be fully qualified to practice law in Ireland to volunteer with FLAC.


Free Legal Advice Centre

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Opening Hours: Lines open Monday to Friday 9.30am – 1pm
Tel: +353 (0)1 906 1010
Page edited: 23 April 2024