Criminal offences

  • The way in which a criminal offence is investigated and prosecuted depends on the type of crime involved. For these purposes criminal offences may be described in different ways.

  • The law on public order offences is mainly set down in the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act 1994. It deals with how people behave in public places and also provides for crowd control at public events. Find out more about the different types of offences.

  • In Ireland the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977 as amended by other legislation is the principal legislation that covers drug offences and the respective penalties.

  • Laws are in place regarding the serving of alcohol on licensed premises and off-licences, drinking in public and drink driving.

  • Selling sexual services is legal in Ireland in some circumstances.

  • The Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989 sets out the law on hate speech in Ireland.

  • Only the least dangerous fireworks are allowed to be sold to the public. The GardaĆ­ now have the power to make arrests in relation to the possession of unlicensed fireworks.

  • This document provides information about criminal liability for the sharing of intimate images. It includes detail about the kinds of images that may be considered intimate and the specific offences for which you may be charged.

  • You can apply to own and use a firearm in Ireland with certain restrictions. Firearms can include guns, crossbows or airguns. Find out about gun laws in Ireland and how to apply for your firearm licence.

  • Drink driving is a very serious offence. Find out about the law on drink driving, including random breath testing, powers of the Gardai and procedures if you are arrested.
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  • An overview of the most common driving offences in Ireland, the penalties that are in place, and information on how to appeal.
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