Functions and duties of individuals in a court of law


This section provides information on the functions and duties of the different people you are likely to encounter in a courtroom.

These people include:

COVID-19 update

Following a statement of the Chief Justice and Presidents of All Courts concerning the wearing of face coverings, all persons attending any court venue are expected to strictly comply with current public health guidance concerning COVID-19. You must maintain a safe physical distance of at least 2 meters from anyone you do not live with at all times. All attending court should also engage in frequent handwashing and comply with respiratory etiquette.

Whilst face coverings are not mandatory at present, it is strongly advised that all persons, save for those who for medical or other welfare considerations cannot wear a face covering, should do so unless giving evidence, questioning a witness or addressing the court. Anyone wishing to use a face covering when addressing the court or giving evidence should be permitted to do so, unless the presiding judge considers the same prejudicial in all of the circumstances. The wearing of a face covering does not lessen in any way a person’s obligation to comply with social distancing and other public health guidance.

The Courts Service has published a video providing information on how to safely attend a court venue. You can also access detailed information on the safe use of face coverings.

Page edited: 3 September 2020