Planning permission

An Bord Pleanála
An Bord Pleanála is an independent body which was set up by the Government to operate an open and impartial planning appeal system.

Development plans
Local authority development plans are the blueprints for the planning and development of local areas.

Planning Permission
Introduction to the different types of planning permission including domestic housing. How and where to apply for planning permission.

Planning permission for building a house
There are different types of planning permission applying to domestic housing. An explanation and how and where to apply.

Planning permission for altering a house
Details the plannning requirements if extending a house, converting a house, or changing the use of a building.

How to support or object to a planning application
It is possible for anyone to support or object to a planning application. Find out how to make a submission or observation.

Appealing a planning permission decision
Outlines the circumstances in which you can appeal a planning decision and the rules governing same.