Going to primary school

Life Event Document Find out what is involved when starting school at primary level.

Choosing a primary school
Information about the different types of primary schools and their admission policy.

Curriculum in primary schools
An outline of the primary school curriculum, including its aims, structure and content.

Boards of management in primary schools
This document describes the rules governing boards of management of primary schools

Ownership of primary schools
Who owns primary schools and how they are they funded?

Tackling disadvantage in primary schools
Describes schemes that provide additional resources for primary schools with large numbers of disadvantaged pupils.

Special needs education in primary schools
The arrangements for special needs education in primary schools include learning support/resource teachers and special needs assistants.

Primary school transport scheme
The transport scheme for primary school pupils and information on how to qualify.

School transport for children with special needs
Children who are enrolled in State special schools or in special classes in State primary schools may qualify for free transport to school.