Schools and information technology

Information technology plan for schools

The Department of Education is responsible for developing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in schools. The Department’s ICT Policy Unit promotes the integration of ICT in teaching and learning.

The Department has published the Digital Strategy for Schools to 2027. The Strategy aims to support schools so that all students will have the opportunity to gain the ICT skills they need.

Supporting ICT in schools

The Department supports the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) to promote ICT in schools and upskill teachers.


  • Provides in-career ICT training programmes for teachers
  • Develops and maintains ScoilNet - an online educational portal. It also has responsibility for the development of other websites with specific relevance to the curriculum and content to support teachers providing distance learning
  • Supports the innovative use and integration of ICT in schools through pilot projects
  • Provides a general ICT advice service to schools

Broadband in schools

PDST also manages the Broadband Service Desk. This is a single point of contact for schools for all broadband related issues.

Internet safety

PDST is responsible for managing and developing internet safety programmes and subject modules, and advising on the development and use of Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) in schools. Webwise, the Irish Safer Internet Centre promotes the safe, responsible use of the internet and mobile devices by children and young people. It is co-funded by the European Union Safer Internet Programme and the Department.

Special education and ICT

PDST provides advice relating to the use of technology with students who have special educational needs.

Department of Education also provides assistive technology grants for individual students with special educational needs. Applications for this funding must be made by the local Special Educational Needs Organiser (SENO).

Page edited: 20 April 2022