Financial support when someone dies


If you have been dependent on someone and they die, you may need financial support.

What types of financial support can I claim?

  • The Department of Social Protection may be able to offer you a one-off payment to help you cope in the short term.
  • If you have long-term needs, you may qualify for short-term or long-term social welfare payments. This may mean you continue to receive the social welfare payment that used to be paid to the person who has died, for 6 weeks after their death. Or it may mean you receive a social welfare pension, allowance or payment in your own right.
  • If you have difficulty in paying your rent, you may be eligible for Rent Supplement or the Housing Assistance Payment. If you have problems with your mortgage payments, see our document on Mortgage Protection for information on insurance that may pay off a mortgage in full in the event of a death.

Am I eligible?

Each form of support has different requirements. You may need to meet certain PRSI requirements or pass a means test.

For information on specific requirements, contact your local Social Welfare Office.

Where to apply

Contact your local Social Welfare Office for assistance and advice.

Further information

There is more information in our document on benefits and entitlements following a death.

Information for those affected by bereavement is a booklet produced by the Citizens Information Board. The booklet has been specially written to assist those following a bereavement. It includes information on managing your money and dealing with financial difficulties, dealing with the deceased's debts, dormant bank accounts, legal matters, inheritance, wills, etc. This booklet is also available from your nearest Citizen Information Centre.

Our document Insurance Protection on Mortgages contains details of insurance policies that are designed to pay off your mortgage in full in certain circumstances.

Page edited: 14 January 2022