Reporting stolen vehicles


Every day many vehicles are stolen from their owners. Sometimes a vehicle may be stolen as a result of carelessness on the part of the owner. For example, by leaving your vehicle unlocked or unattended in public places, etc.

It's very important to be aware of the potential risks when you leave your vehicle unattended (for even a few moments) in a public place. It's also important to be aware about parking, particularly when you park in daylight but return much later in darkness. If your vehicle has an alarm, you should ensure that it is functioning properly and switched on when you leave your vehicle. You might also consider using a safety chain or other visible deterrant around the steering wheel to put off potential thieves.

If you find your vehicle has been stolen, you should report this to the Gardai immediately. Vehicles that are reported as stolen to members of the Gardai are entered on a central database to which all Garda stations in Ireland have access. Stolen vehicles and reported stolen vehicles can be monitored and tracked through any part of the country by the Gardai in this way.

As a usual rule, insurance companies allow a period of approximately 3 months before claims in respect of stolen vehicles are processed. Insurance companies have their own methods of verifying stolen vehicles but will often contact the Gardai to confirm that the vehicle has been reported as stolen and to verify that the vehicle has not been located or returned to the registered owner. The insurance company and Gardai remain in close contact and the insurance company is notified by the Gardai if the stolen vehicle is located at a future date.


Stolen vehicles should be reported at any Garda station immediately, either in person or by telephone or fax.

Where to apply

Contact your local Garda station. Information on the location of Garda Stations in Ireland is listed in all public telephone directories.
Page edited: 25 November 2014