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Overview Document Payments to carers Find out about the different payments and benefits for carers.

Carer's Allowance
Carer's Allowance is a means-tested payment to people on low incomes who are caring for an incapacitated person.

Half-rate Carer's Allowance
Half-rate Carer's Allowance is payable with certain other social welfare payments provided you meet the qualifying criteria. Find out how to qualify for half-rate Carer's Allowance.

Carer's Benefit
Carer's Benefit is a social insurance payment made to someone who gives up work to care for an incapacitated person.

Carer's Support Grant (formerly called Respite Care Grant)
Carer's Support Grant is an annual cash payment to carers.It was called the Respite Care Grant until 2016.

Domiciliary Care Allowance
A Domiciliary Care Allowance is a monthly payment made to the carer of a child with a severe disability who lives at home. Find out more.
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