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Local authority and social housing

Applying for local authority/social housing
How to qualify for social housing support from a local authority or other provider.

Inheriting a local authority tenancy
A relative who has been living with a tenant may be able to take over the tenancy if the tenant dies.

Getting a transfer to another local authority home
Local authorities operate transfer lists for people who want to move to another local authority home. Private transfers can be arranged with the local authorities' permission.

Housing associations and co-operatives
Housing associations and co-operatives are charities that provide affordable rented housing.

Buying a local authority house or flat
Schemes for local authority tenants to buy their homes at a discount. A new scheme has been introduced in 2016.

Your rights as a housing association tenant
General introduction to the subject of housing association tenants' rights.

Repossession of rented social housing
The procedures that local authorities must follow before repossessing a rented dwelling.

Joint tenancy and relationship breakdown
If your relationship with your joint tenant has broken down, you can ask for their name to be removed from the tenancy agreement.

Rent arrears in local authority housing
What to do if you are a local authority tenant falling behind with your rent.

Anti-social behaviour in social housing
Local authorities can evict tenants who are engaging in anti-social behaviour.

Rental Accommodation Scheme
The Rental Accommodation Scheme is run by local authorities for people getting Rent Supplement for more than 18 months.



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