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Vocational education and training

Overview Document Education and training supports Find out about the various ways of continuing your education, furthering your training and acquiring new skills.

Post Leaving Certificate courses
Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) courses are open to school-leavers and adult participants, offering a mixture of practical work, academic work and work experience. Information on content of PLC courses, application procedures, eligibility, accreditation and allowances available.

Youthreach is aimed at people who left school without formal qualifications. It provides opportunities to build on your basic education and improve your work skills.

Further Education and Training (FET) courses
Information about Further Education and Training (FET) courses provided by Education and Training Boards, who is eligible for them and the allowances for participants

Further Education and Training (FET) allowances
If you get a place on a Further Education and Training (FET) course you may be paid an allowance for the duration of your course.

Childcare during vocational training
You may qualify for a subsidised childcare place, if you are attending certain types of vocational training provided by an Education and Training Board (ETB), Momentum or Community Employment.

Skills training linked to national development
This document describes the training available through Government funded agencies linked to the commercial or the industrial sector.

Foundation course for people with vision impairments
The foundation course for people with vision impairments, which is run by the National Council for the Blind of Ireland, is a course that offers an individual rehabilitation programme to people with impaired vision.

Leaving school
An overview of some options for school-leavers.

Information about apprenticeships, who is eligible for them and the allowances for participants.

Momentum provides access to free education and training projects and supports to assist long-term unemployed people access work.



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