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Cohabiting couples

Rights of cohabiting couples
Cohabitants do not possess the same rights and obligations as married couples or civil partnerships

Rights of same-sex couples
Check the formal rules that may affect the relationships of same-sex couples.

Property rights of cohabiting couples
Property rights of cohabiting couples relating to buying a home, private rented accommodation, local authority housing, and the Family Home Protection Act.

Inheritance rights of cohabiting couples
Cohabiting couples have no automatic right of inheritance on the death of either partner. Important information on your rights and making provisions for dependants.

Life insurance, pensions and civil status in Ireland
Your civil status in Ireland may make some differences to your life insurance or pension entitlements. Find out about these differences, unclaimed life insurance policies and contacts for more information.

Legal guardianship and cohabiting couples
Law regarding guardianship of children of non-marital relationships.

Custody of children and cohabiting couples
When the parents of a child separate and they cannot agree on who should have custody of the child, the court will decide. Find out about the law regarding the custody of children of non-marital relationships.

Access to children and cohabiting couples
How the courts decide arrangements for access to children for separating unmarried parents.

Fertility services and cohabiting couples
Find out about fertility services and whether unmarried couples can avail of fertility treatment.

Surrogate motherhood and same-sex couples
Under Irish law, surrogate mothers are legally the natural mothers and guardians of their children. Legal situation if a surrogate mother had a child for a same-sex couple.

Adoption and cohabiting couples
Unmarried couples in Ireland cannot jointly adopt children. Find out the legal reasons for this and whether there are any exceptions.

Fostering and cohabiting couples
Cohabiting couples in Ireland may foster children. What is fostering and what rights do cohabiting couples have?



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