Online services for PAYE taxpayers


If you are a PAYE taxpayer, that is if you have tax deducted from your income by your employer, you can use Revenue's myAccount service to access PAYE Online Services and the Jobs and Pensions service from Revenue.

Revenue's myAccount Service is a single access point for secure online services (excluding ROS). Revenue’s myAccount Service is for people who are not registered for ROS.

You can access Revenue’s myAccount service online or on mobile and tablet devices using Revenue’s RevApp.

You can change your contact details, including your address, using myAccount.

PAYE Services

If you are a PAYE taxpayer who is not registered for ROS, you can access PAYE Services via myAccount. Once you have registered, you can:

PAYE Services is available to customers who merely want access to their tax details. You do not have to submit transactions electronically if you do not wish to.

You do not have to submit paper claims when you submit a transaction through myAccount. However you are obliged to retain receipts for 6 years as Revenue may ask to view them at a later stage. You can keep an electronic record of your receipts on myAccount using Revenue’s receipts tracker service.

When a transaction is submitted using myAccount, it will be immediately acknowledged and a permanent record of the transaction will be put in Your Requests History.

PAYE Services are available for the current and previous 4 years.

Jobs and Pensions

If you are starting work, the Jobs and Pensions online service in myAccount allows you to register your new job with Revenue. It is also available in ROS. It is for people who are:

  • Starting their first job in the current tax year (including their first ever job in Ireland)
  • Changing job and their previous job is no longer on Revenue records
  • Starting another job in addition to their main job
  • Starting to receive payments from a private pension (that is, not a Department of Social Protection pension)

When you have registered the details of your new job or private pension, Revenue will send your employer a tax credit certificate showing the tax credits that your employer deducts from your tax bill.

How to apply

To access PAYE Services online you must register with Revenue's myAccount Service. Once you are registered, you can access myAccount on or on mobile and tablet devices using Revenue’s RevApp.


For more information and support, see the Revenue myAccount help guides.

Page edited: 1 June 2018