Administration of government departments


Each minister of the Government is responsible for running and managing the department they have been allocated. There are 16 government departments. As well as the Cabinet minister assigned to the department, Ministers of State may also be appointed. You can find out about government spending in each of these departments on

Each department employs a large number of civil servants, including a Secretary General, who remain in their positions regardless of changes in the Government. These officials advise and assist the minister in the running of the department.

The minister may suggest and propose new or amended legislation to the Government relating to matters that arise in their department.

Ministers also have a power to make Statutory Instruments which are also known as delegated or secondary legislation. Statutory Instruments allow the minister to give effect to or implement legislation without the need to have every detail passed by the Oireachtas. Statutory Instruments do not have to be approved by the Oireachtas, although they may be cancelled by either House. You can view all Irish Government legislation from 1922 onwards.

Code of practice on accessibility of public services and information provided by public bodies

The Disability Act 2005 provides a statutory basis for accessible public services. Sections 26, 27 and 28 of the Act place obligations on public bodies to make their services and information accessible to people with disabilities.

The Department of Justice and Equality charged the National Disability Authority (NDA) with developing a Code of practice on accessibility of public services and information provided by public bodies as set out under Section 30 of the Act. The purpose of this Code is to guide public bodies to meet their obligations under the Act. The Code covers a wide range of services provided by public bodies - including the provision of information, information resources, schemes, allowances or other benefits administered by public bodies.

Page edited: 16 March 2017