COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland

Current COVID-19 restrictions

All COVID-19 restrictions have ended.

You should continue to self-isolate if you have symptoms of COVID-19. You are advised to wear a face mask on public transport and in healthcare settings.

There is no longer a requirement to show proof of vaccination or recovery to travel to Ireland. You also do not have to complete a Passenger Locator Form.

Testing and close contacts

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you should self-isolate until 48 hours after your symptoms end. You no longer need a COVID-19 test if you have symptoms, unless you:

  • Are 55 or older and have not received a booster
  • Have a high-risk medical condition
  • Are immunocompromised
  • Live in the same household or provide care and support to someone who is immunocompromised
  • Are pregnant
  • Are a healthcare worker

If you are a close contact with no symptoms, you no longer need a test unless you are a healthcare worker who is a household close contact.

Page edited: 1 April 2022