Blue Flag beaches and marinas in Ireland


The Blue Flag is an international environmental award made to beaches and marinas throughout the world that demonstrate good environmental standards and have good sanitary and safety facilities. The award is made by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), an independent non-profit organisation. The Blue Flag award is in place in over 49 countries internationally. You can find information on the beaches and marinas in Ireland that have received awards at

In Ireland, the Blue Flag is operated by An Taisce. An Taisce also operates a Green Coast Award scheme for beaches that meet EU bathing water quality standards but also retain their natural, unspoilt environment. You can find out the water quality at Ireland's designated bathing areas at


A Blue Flag award is awarded to a beach or marina for one season (July to August) only.

The award of a Blue Flag to a beach depends on compliance with 33 criteria covering the following aspects:

  • Water quality
  • Environmental education and information
  • Environmental management
  • Safety and services

There are 24 criteria that a marina must comply with. They cover the same areas of water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, safety and services. A marina can be part of a larger harbour with other activities, if it is clearly separated from other harbour activities.

The criteria must be adhered to in order to gain a Blue Flag. If the criteria are not fulfilled during the season or the conditions change, the Blue Flag may be withdrawn.

The Blue Flag criteria are minimum criteria. A country can choose to have stricter criteria.

You can view the Blue Flag beach criteria and the Blue Flag marina criteria on the website.

How to apply

The relevant local authority applies for a Blue Flag award for its beaches. The local authority in question files the application form (with enclosed documentation) and sends it to the National Jury. For applications for beaches, approved bathing water data from the previous year has to be submitted as documentation together with the application as well.

The marina owner is responsible for applying for a Blue Flag award for a marina.

To be eligible for the Blue Flag, a beach or marina has to meet all imperative requirements, and in addition, achieve a maximum number of guideline criteria that is taken into account.

The National Jury

In Ireland the National Jury consists of representatives from the following organisations:

  • An Taisce
  • The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage
  • The Disability Federation of Ireland
  • The Environmental Protection Agency
  • Fáilte Ireland
  • The National Parks Wildlife Service
  • Sailing Ireland
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • Water Safety Ireland

The National Jury evaluates applications for compliance with the Blue Flag criteria and gives an approval or rejection on the national level. In special cases, the National Jury can propose a dispensation. The approved applications and the dispensations are then forwarded by the National Jury to the International Jury.

The International Jury

The International Jury consists of various members from different international organisations.

The International Jury carries out an evaluation before it finally decides which beaches and marinas will be awarded the Blue Flag for the season.

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