Making a complaint about a taxi, hackney or limousine


The National Transport Authority operates a national complaints and enforcement system for taxis, hackneys and limousine operators. The purpose of this system is to create national standardised rules about how complaints should be made and to commend drivers for standards of excellence and professionalism in customer service. The Authority also has a national consumer information telephone line, providing information and advice to customers about how to make a complaint.


Which complaints can be made to the National Transport Authority?

The law (Section 64 of the Taxi Regulation Act 2013) sets out the type of complaints that may be made. These complaints are complaints relating to:

  • The condition, roadworthiness and cleanliness of the vehicle
  • The conduct, behaviour and identification of a driver
  • Overcharging or other matters relating to fares charged by a driver
  • Matters relating to the hiring and booking of a small public service vehicle (SPSV)
  • The identification and the general appearance of the vehicle

If you booked the service through a dispatch operator, you should first make a complaint to the dispatch operator. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you can then make your complaint to the National Transport Authority.


There is no charge to make a complaint about a small public service vehicle (SPSV) operator.

How to apply

If you wish to make a complaint in relation to a SPSV operator, you can make your complaint online. The National Transport Authority also provides an information line on 0761 06 4000.

Remember to provide all relevant details regarding the incident and also to enclose a copy of any receipt obtained for the journey in question. The National Transport Authority must have sufficient evidence to identify the person or vehicle that is the subject of a complaint.

The complaint will be investigated by the National Transport Authority's enforcement team. The National Transport Authority may invite all relevant witnesses to provide a statement of the events. The investigation will assess evidence provided by all parties in a disputed situation. Once this evidence has been collected and evaluated, a decision will be made as to how to proceed with the complaint.

How are complaints concluded?

Complaints may be concluded in one of 4 ways. These are:

  • No further action is taken
  • Advice is given to the operator
  • A formal warning is issued
  • The complaint proceeds to prosecution in court

Action will only be taken against an individual where evidence is of a sufficient standard. You should be aware that all complainants should be prepared to attend court (if necessary) to give evidence regarding the incident. Please note, complaints cannot be proceeded with anonymously.

What if the complaint is criminal in nature?

Criminal offences in Ireland are a matter for An Garda Síochána. If you wish to make a complaint about a taxi, hackney or limosuine driver concerning a criminal offence you should contact your local Garda Station immediately and fill in an incident report. In an emergency situation, you should telephone 112 to be put through to the Gardai.

Who do I make a complaint to about smoking in an SPSV?

It is illegal for a driver or passenger to smoke in an SPSV, as they are considered enclosed places of work. If you wish to make a complaint where a driver or passenger is smoking, you should first ask the person to stop. If you do not receive a satisfactory response, you should note as much information about the circumstances as possible. For example, write down the details of the journey including the location, date, time, type of vehicle, vehicle registration details and driver's identification.

You can then contact the National Tobacco Control Office, HSE Lo-call compliance line at 1890 333 100 to register the complaint. Environmental Health Officers of the HSE enforce most of the tobacco control legislation. All complaints are prioritised by the enforcement agency and dealt with accordingly.

Where to apply

Advice and information on how to make a complaint about a taxi, hackney or limousine operator is available from the Authority's information line at 0761 064000.

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